Beijing YiHeXin Technology Co. Ltd. is an innovative high-tech company focusing on global e-commerce solution and global trading solution. YiHeXin insists exploration, innovation and sustained value creation concept, providing the top innovative solution for the global trading. YiHeXin dedicated in e-commerce solution to set up the direct connection between the factories and the oversea end users.

SogoGoods is the e-commerce platform under Beijing YiHeXin Technology Co. Ltd.. SogoGoods is a global supply chain provider. It has warehouses in the oversea countries and it brings high-quality and low-cost products to the warehouses to supply the oversea markets. The goal of SogoGoods is to let the distributors or resellers to easily do their own business and earn money without capital investment through SogoGoods platform. For this goal, SogoGoods brings goods to the oversea warehouses and at the same time provides the total e-commerce solution (website + Mobile APP) to let the distributors to do their business easily and let the clients of the distributors to do the purchasing of the goods easily through the platform. 

With the innovation and management of BeiJing YiHeXin Technology Co. Ltd. SogoGoods will expand to more and more countries and connect more and more factories to the end users allover the world. 

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